SNCF Steam Engine 141R “Mikado” by Ursin471

Image of SNCF Steam Engine 141R “Mikado” by Ursin471

Builder: Ursin471

About SNCF Steam Engine 141R “Mikado” by Ursin471

This is my model of the famous French steam locomotive 141 R "Mikado", built by Lima, Alco and Baldwin in the USA. The model is built exactly in scale 1:45, and consists of 1550 parts.
I chose the coal version, with only one Boxpok wheelset (driving axle). For the color scheme, I chose the somewhat lesser known black version with red trim lines. The loco was planned to be built in dark green and black as well. This was a challenge, because of the limited parts selection in dark green.
The locomotive is mortorized with a LEGO PF L-motor in the boiler and a BuWizz accu in the tender. 6 of the 8 driving wheels are driven via gears. The rear 2 driving wheels are driven by the coupling rods.
The wheels are from BigBenBricks (spokes) and Bricks-on-Rails (boxpok, tender), the front wheels are original LEGO wheels.
The driving and coupling rods are from Bricks-on-Rails.
The boiler is divided into 3 sections: The rear section by the firebox is slightly conical (unfortunately poorly visible), the middle section is 4 studs and 4 plates thick, the front section by the smokebox is 5 studs in diameter.
Very tricky was the design of the wind deflectors. They are very fragile, but I am satisfied with the result.
Around the boiler are many handrails and pipes, made of hoses and antennas, which had to be cut to the right length. Otherwise no parts were modified.
The red trim lines are made from red adhesive foil, cutted into narrow stripes.
The loco was planned for curves that are R72 or larger. Unfortunately, I could only test it on straight tracks, as I only own R40 curves or narrow gauge R72 curves.
The clearance was checked with narrow gauge curves R72 as good as possible.

Enjoy my model!
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