Stadler FLIRT UK by Hod Carrier

Image of Stadler FLIRT UK by Hod Carrier

Builder: Hod Carrier

About Stadler FLIRT UK by Hod Carrier

This is a digital model of the Stadler FLIRT UK, specifically the variants built for Transport for Wales (TfW). There are now several variants of this train in service in the UK, but these are renders of a design for the two versions built for this operator. There is the 4 car diesel only Class 231 and the 3 car tri-mode Class 756 (diesel/electric/battery). The diesel Class 231 is now finally starting to enter passenger service on local routes around Cardiff as an interim while the Class 756 units complete their acceptance trials.

Although it is a digital entry, it has been designed to be built for real. This model shares the same motor and close-coupled articulation arrangements as the LMS Articulated Railcar, which has acted as a prototype for this train. I have designed and rendered both variants of the TfW FLIRT but am entering them together as a single entry.

As an aside, I am unsure which category this entry should be in, as there seems to be some inconsistency in the entries appearing on social media. Some digital multiple unit builds are appearing in the Best Train/Consist category while others are appearing as Digital Locomotive entries. Please feel free to re-categorise my entry depending on where you consider it best to go.

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