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About STEAMliner by legoautohaus

I wish to submit my train model for best digital.
While the initial concept belongs to darkkostas25 on bricklink, I have heavily modified, redesigned and rebuild this locomotive from the inside out, adding the passenger cart, dual transport trucks and trailers.
The original file (as beautiful as it was) had multiple clash and part colour errors, coupled with weak points requiring work before getting started on the current design.
The engine is modular, detailed and steampunk inspired with the ability (with some changes) to accept PF motors should I choose to do so later on. It is of solid construction and seems structurally sound. The passenger cart is a completely new build and is also detailed with dual modular sections. In addition, I have created a dual truck and trailer combination to transport the separate units.
All elements are standard official parts and are mostly cost effective and therefore, feasible to build. All of the models appear stable and by all accounts, should be a great set once built.

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