Studdington by Ben Rogers

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Builder: Ben Rogers

About Studdington by Ben Rogers

A passing loop railway station loosely based on a GWR theme. The central section contains the station, with a garage/workshop (with working lights and car lift triggered by a sensor in the front of the layout), a post office and a disused siding. To the left/west of the station is a tunnel leading to the countryside section, including a church, pub, farmer’s field/barn, and zombie that appears out of a grave (triggered by a sensor in the front of the layout), and to the right/east of the station is a bridge over a river, signal box, working level crossing and a windmill with working sails.

The whole layout hasn’t been connected up into one complete layout, so I don’t have photos to show every part of it together. It is due to have its debut at the Great Western Brick Show in October 2023.

See the track plan image to see how it connects together with all the sections. The reversing loops on the left/west are hidden with a countryside scene including a church, pub and farmer’s field/barn. On the right/east trains go through a brick built back scene with the reversing loop hidden behind.

Includes automated trains, signals and turnouts, all using standard LEGO Powered Up components. Train detection is done via Color/Distance sensors embedded in the track. Trains automatically stop at the station, let a train coming in the other way stop/pass before moving on again. Trains go into hidden reversing loop sidings before returning back, up to 4 trains can run simultaneously. Visitors to shows can also control the trains via their mobile phones.

The vast majority of the layout has been built within the last 2 years, with only the bridge/signal box/level crossing section and the tunnel being from a previous version of my layout.

See more at @brick.end.railway on Instagram.

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