SVT 137 225 Bauart “Hamburg” by Thomas / Ts__

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About SVT 137 225 Bauart “Hamburg” by Thomas / Ts__

SVT 137 225 Bauart "Hamburg"


The "Hamburg" type express railcars were built in series starting in 1935 and were used throughout Germany for express long-distance service. A total of 13 two-car units were built.
The railcars were designed for speed up to 160 km/h. The axle arrangement is 2'Bo'2, the overall length 44.3m.

Until World War II, the SVT 137225 was in service between Berlin and Cologne. After the end of the war, this SVT was converted to a government train with saloon car and was in service until 1975. After that it was declared a museum train and was refurbished in 1990. Today, this railcar is the last exist SVT of the "Hamburg" type and can be viewed from the outside on the museum track at Leipzig Central Station.


The Lego model was designed and built between January - April 2023.

After I had the idea for this model, I first went to Leipzig/Germany and took many photos from all sides and only then tried my hand at the difficult front in After the first drafts, I have always further developed the model in parallel digitally and with bricks.
Rebuild followed rebuild until the shape was pleasing.

Interesting construction techniques are used on the front. Some parts are built in 3 levels tilted in space. For mounting, a Star Wars pistol is used for one assembly left/right, as the pistol grip has a matching angle.

The cars have a full interior in the passenger area with elaborate seats. Since wing chairs were used in the original, I have also installed wing chairs in the model. Each seat consists of 14 parts.

At the NLGM 2023 exhibition in Wörrstadt/Germany at the end of April 2023, the railcar train made its first public appearance and many rounds on the community layout.

approx. 2700 Lego parts, no glued or machined parts. No foreign parts.
Length: 123 studs
2x Lego PU City HUB
2x Lego PU Train Motor
self made lights, front/rear light controlled via Lego PU remote
self made decals
minimum curve radius: R104

Video at Youtube:


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