Swiss Gotthard-Loco Ae 6/6 Ticino by Ursin471

Image of Swiss Gotthard-Loco Ae 6/6 Ticino by Ursin471

Builder: Ursin471

About Swiss Gotthard-Loco Ae 6/6 Ticino by Ursin471

This is my model of the famous and impressive Swiss Gotthard locomotive Ae 6/6, with the name and flag of the State Ticino. It is one of the 2 prototypes in original green colour scheme and mounted silver stripes (Kantonslok). It's the variant with already closed engineer's doors on the left side.

The model is exactly built in scale 1:45. Therefore, M-wheels from BigBenBricks are used for the bogies: 4x flanged drivers, 2x blind drivers in the middle.
Each bogie is equipped with one PF L-Motor, and only spur gears are used to bring the force to the train wheel level. This is done to reduce the overall friction of the drivetrain.
Because I wanted to use wheels with correct size, I had to add the lower band of the housing to the bogies. With this solution, each bogie can swing +/-15°, and running on original R40 curves is possible - but it looks strange...
A BuWizz accu is located in the middle of the housing. A small plate on the roof can be easily put away, to get access to the power switch and the recharge plug.
The silver stripes are made with an alu Tesa tape. On the side of the housing, the tape is applied to 1x6 and 1x8 plates. On the front, the stripes are applied on the finished modell with tweezers.

Two main challenges were on the design phase:
- Some dark green parts are still rare. How to build the complete housing with the parts with normal availability?
- The front design, tapered from top, sloped from the side: I used flexible hoses 8,5L and mounted 2 front-halves with clips on it.

Special parts:
- There is a part used, but not available by LEGO, a panel 1x3x1 in dark green for the front edge (4x). I used a dark bluish gray part, and changed the colour with stickers.
- The handrails are cutted antennas. Of course, 4L bars are also possible.

Enjoy my model!
More pictures on flickr:

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