Texas & Pacific D-9 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #316 by Joseph Meador

Image of Texas & Pacific D-9 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #316 by Joseph Meador

Builder: Joseph Meador

About Texas & Pacific D-9 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #316 by Joseph Meador

T&P 316 was built in 1901 (making it the oldest engine I've modeled to date) by the A.L. Cooke Locomotive Works. During its career on the Texas & Pacific, 316 regularly hauled freight trains for the company before it was sold to the Paris & Mt. Pleasant Railroad (a T&P subsidiary) in 1949. Two years later, 316 was purchased by an anonymous buyer and donated to the city of Abilene, TX in honor of the city's 75th anniversary, where it was renumbered to 75. In 1974, 316 was given a second chance at life on the newly formed Texas State Railroad pulling excursion trains in the East Texas Pineywoods. For most of the locomotive's tenure on the Texas State Railroad, it was numbered as TSRR 201, and it remained as such until 2012, where TSRR returned 201 to its original road name and number, T&P 316, in honor of its 111th birthday. However, the engine would not be seeing service long after this change, as it was taken out of service in 2013. Since then, 316 has remained on static display after a cosmetic restoration in 2020. However, its career wasn't over, as very recently, 316 was featured in the Paramount+ series "1883", the origin story of the popular show "Yellowstone." This engine holds a particularly special place in my heart as I first encountered it as a young boy, being featured on a Tracks Ahead DVD I owned at the time highlighting the Texas State Railroad. I spent most of my high school working around this engine at the Texas State Railroad, so I grew a bit of a personal attachment to the engine.

My model of 316 will be powered by a single L motor geared to the drivers, powered by a Blunami DCC system. It also features custom designed rods and a fully detailed cab. There are two versions of this locomotive I have modeled; its current appearance as T&P 316, and its appearance as seen in the show "1883."

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