Texas & Pacific I-1a 2-10-4 Texas type #610 by Joseph Meador

Image of Texas & Pacific I-1a 2-10-4 Texas type #610 by Joseph Meador

Builder: Joseph Meador

About Texas & Pacific I-1a 2-10-4 Texas type #610 by Joseph Meador

The T&P Texas types were some of the largest engines owned and operated by the Texas & Pacific. During their service life, these engines would pull large revenue freight trains across T&P rail lines. When steam began being retired in the 1950s, very few of the I-1 class locomotives escaped the scrapyard, save for one, 610. The engine was put on display in the Fort Worth stockyards after her tenure on the T&P, only to be restored to operation in the 1970s for use on the American Freedom Train, a special train commemorating America's bicentennial. 610 would pull the Freedom Train through the Southwestern U.S. before being leased to the Southern Railway for use in the Southern Steam Program until the early 1980s, where operating and maintenance expenses prevented the engine from being a feasible option to continue pulling special excursions. 610 currently resides at the Texas State Railroad Palestine shop, serviceable, but unlikely to steam again for the foreseeable future.

I have modeled all three appearances of 610 throughout its career, from its in-service appearance, to the American Freedom Train, scheme, to the plain black Southern Railway Steam Program scheme. The model is powered by two L motors geared to the drivers; these will be controlled by a Blunami DCC system when the model becomes a reality.

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