The Galaxy Express 999 by Masuzushi

Image of The Galaxy Express 999 by Masuzushi

Builder: Masuzushi

About The Galaxy Express 999 by Masuzushi

The Galactic Express runs from Earth to Andromeda.
Based on the shape of the interiors and doors that appear in the movie, I found that the limited express trains "Tsubame" and "Hato" that ran after WW2 could be used as references, so I recreated the 999's formation by making some changes to the Tsubame and Hato formations.
The passenger cars that appear in the movie do not have blue lines to indicate second class cars or white lines to indicate first class cars. However, I thought that adding blue and white lines would give the whole train a sense of contrast, so I purposely added the lines.
The head mark data was traced and processed from "HM Storage Room" (

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