TPG Be 4/6 Series 03 by atanjaro

Image of TPG Be 4/6 Series 03 by atanjaro

Builder: atanjaro

About TPG Be 4/6 Series 03 by atanjaro

The Series 03 trams were built in 1987 by Duewag and Vevey Technologies for TPG (Transports Publics Genevois) of Geneva, Switzerland to replace their aging power units. Swiss locomotive classification denotes these as “B”, a standard gauge locomotive with a maximum speed between 70 and 80 kph, and “e” for electric with 4 powered axles and 6 axles total. These trainsets have 2 coupled units, whereas the later Series 04 has 3 coupled units. Despite being over 30 years old, these trams still serve Geneva on line 12, between Moillesulaz near the French border and the train station at Lancy-Bachet. Each trainset has a coat of arms representing one the municipalities in the canton of Geneva. This model of No. 803, in particular, shows the emblem of the town of Carouge. I originally conceived this model to be 6 wide, but increased it to 8 wide to accommodate the wheel trucks. This also allowed me to put in some minor interior detail in the process.

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