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Inspired by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava and his work on the Liège-Guillemins and Lyon TGV train stations, I started to build this station. After nine months and 45,403 pieces, I finally finished the station. It consists of only two mainline platforms and two tram platforms, to it, I've added restaurants and shops, WCs, an information booth, a multipurpose room for the staff with the station masters office, a bike and car rental and a waiting lounge. To access the other plattforms, I made the addition of a bridge. On one of the ends of the bridge, I buildt an artwork that make the bridge look like it isn't finished or is broken. As the main highlight of the station, the roof gives the "Calatrava style" to the building. To build it, I used a very simple mixture of a modified bricks skelleton on the inside and this "carapace" of technic panels and slopes. Surprisingly, the six points that hold the roof structure are strong enough to withstand it's weight, but sadly it's impossible to incline perfectly the angles of the skelleton without the use of glue. Since accessibility is an important topic, I decided to design my trains and the station with wheelchair accessibility in mind and as you can see, every part of the station is accessible via a slope or an elevator.

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