Unimog Two-Way-Vehicle by Christoph Ellermann

Image of Unimog Two-Way-Vehicle by Christoph Ellermann

Builder: Christoph Ellermann

About Unimog Two-Way-Vehicle by Christoph Ellermann

Unimogs are used as Two-Way-Vehicles in different variants - here is my version. This tiny vehicle can be used for shunting and maintenance of way.

The model is powered by a Circuit Cube and a Circuit Cube motor working on the rear axle. The Unimog can be controlled via smart devices as well as game controllers. Just putting the Circuit Cube to „on“ makes the Unimog drive around a circuit without remote control.

Take a look at these Flickr videos to see the Unimog driving at BSBT 2023 in Schkeuditz:



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