Union Pacific “Big Boy” No. 4014 by Lasse Hvidtfeldt

Image of Union Pacific “Big Boy” No. 4014 by Lasse Hvidtfeldt

Builder: Lasse Hvidtfeldt

About Union Pacific “Big Boy” No. 4014 by Lasse Hvidtfeldt

Spanning 40 meters (132 ft) and weighing 543 tons (1,198,500 lb), The Union Pacific 4014 has been given the accurate nickname “Big Boy”. The steam locomotive produces a mind-boggling 7000 horsepower and to this date holds the record for the largest and most powerful steam locomotive in the world! The Big Boy is quite a spectacle too, with the numerous mechanical valve gears spinning and plumes of steam and smoke blasting out from every little hole.

The LEGO model is just as impressive as the real thing. My number one priority from the beginning has been to make the train fully functional and compatible with standard LEGO tracks. To make such a beast turn on LEGO’s tight tracks, all the wheel sets articulate individually, just like the real thing. The rear 8-wheel section is connected by a single technic axle that runs up to the motor, thus allowing this wheel set to articulate while providing drive to the wheels (unlike the first version that had a fixed wheel set in the back).

The model consists of 2312 pieces (only official LEGO pieces and legal building techniques) . It can navigate standard radius LEGO tracks. The model is built digitally however, all parts are ordered, so it will be built for real as well. Check out more details and images on LEGO Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/940cfd1b-c51d-4938-bc4c-8d75b4cf15de

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