V.&T.R.R. Reno, 11. by SlipGunJesse

Image of V.&T.R.R. Reno, 11. by SlipGunJesse

Builder: SlipGunJesse

About V.&T.R.R. Reno, 11. by SlipGunJesse

Around 1872 The Virginia and Truckee Railroad ordered an American standard steam locomotive, a 4-4-0, from the Baldwin Locomotive works. Named the Reno and numbered 11, it was used to pull freight and passengers for 65 years around the V.&T.R.R. tracks. In those 65 years it went through some changes and was switched to an oil burning locomotive. After the 65 years of service it was sold to Old Tucson Studios where it was used in hundreds of movies and TV shows. Late last year the V.&T.R.R. bought the Reno back and are currently making restorations to make it look like it did in 1878. Here is the Lego version from 1878 featuring standard Lego rail size. This locomotive can also turn on the Lego curved tracks.

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