Victorian Railways/Steamrail VZVF1 by Ben Nguyen

Image of Victorian Railways/Steamrail VZVF1 by Ben Nguyen

Builder: Ben Nguyen

About Victorian Railways/Steamrail VZVF1 by Ben Nguyen

These water tanks were converted by the Victorian Railways in the late 1970s. Although there is little information on the VZVF Wagons, they were rebuilt from ELX Type Freight Wagon Underframes before a water tank was installed on top. Since there are also very little images on the origins on VZVF Wagons, I have decided that they look like WA Weedex Tank wagons used by the Victorian Railways and travelled on the back of trains to kill weeds that were growing lineside or one the tracks. The bogie WA Tanks were built from the underframes of ELX Wagons in the 1970s at Bendigo Workshops to replace the aging WX wagons which were build off 4-wheel fixed underframe wagons.

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