WDLR Simplex 40 h.p. petrol Tractor (Armoured) by Greg Nation

Image of WDLR Simplex 40 h.p. petrol Tractor (Armoured) by Greg Nation

Builder: Greg Nation

About WDLR Simplex 40 h.p. petrol Tractor (Armoured) by Greg Nation

The War Department Light Railway (WDLR) was a narrow gauge network set up by the British during WW1. It connected the existing French and Belgian rail/road networks with the front line and helped solve some of the supply issues that had plagued the British in the first year of the war.

Although the WDLR ran steam and diesel/electric engines, petrol powered locomotives (called tractors) were more commonly used near the front as they were harder for the enemy spot than the steam locomotives (and easier to train men to operate). The Motor Rail Company produced tractors under the name Simplex, with the largest being the 40 h.p. version I've recreated.

Nicknamed "Tin Turtles", 3 versions ("Open", "Protected" and "Armoured") were produced with differing amounts of armour protection. This is the "Armoured" version, the most heavily protected type and is built to minifig scale. It features a detailed interior which includes the fuel tank, radiator, engine, brake wheel, control lever and space for a minifigure (although he needs a bit of "leg surgery" to fit!) The minifigure is a custom printed figure from Brickmania and the narrow gauge track is from Trixbrix.

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