Welsh Highland “Russell” by Jessica Rose

Image of Welsh Highland “Russell” by Jessica Rose

Builder: Jessica Rose

About Welsh Highland “Russell” by Jessica Rose

The Welsh Highland Railway 2-6-2T locomotive "Russell", originally built by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds in 1906 for the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways (NWNGR). It now works on the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway in Porthmadog.

I started work on this model in August and wrapped up only a few days prior to submission in late September. Originally I planned to make it five studs wide, but due to design complications and a general dissatisfaction with how it looked from a head on profile, I widened it to six studs. While this is a digital model, I have gone out of my way to design it to be possible to build with real, physical pieces and may even sell instructions for it after refining the design some more. With the exception of the chrome pieces (which do exist in grey and pearl gold, but were made shinier for the sake of the renders) and the pin hole plates used for the cylinders (which unfortunately do not exist in dark red as of now), almost every piece comes in the right colors. The only modified pieces used are the chain link loops used for the couplers.

I also designed a small little display stand for the model to sit on, which some eagle-eyed fans may notice is a reference to the one included in the official Crocodile train set. It even comes with a plaque displaying some technical details and blueprints of the real locomotive.

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