Zwickau-Bakken shunting yard by Thomas / Ts__

Image of Zwickau-Bakken shunting yard by Thomas / Ts__

Builder: Thomas / Ts__

About Zwickau-Bakken shunting yard by Thomas / Ts__

Zwickau-Bakken shunting yard

fictitious railroad depot and shunting yard, consisting of:

- Entry group (4-tracks, each 2m long)
- through track
- turntable with locomotive sidings
- diesel filling station
- Maintenance track
- Ramp
- hump yard
- Directional tracks / exit section (4 Tracks, each 2m long)
- Signal Tower


Construction began in January 2021 (only the hump yard) and the layout will continue to expand from exhibition to exhibition.
In 2022, I added the turntable with storage tracks, the petrol station, an entry group (4 Tracks), all switches with ballast and Drive-through track. Most parts of the layout are builted 2022.
The construction of a roundhouse at the turntable is planned for the future.
The shunting yard was on display in BSBT Schkeuditz in 2021 (only the Hump yard)/2022/2023, in NLGM Wörrstadt in 2022 and in Fürth Bricking Bavaria 2022 (without the hump yard), all in Germany.
The pictures are from the last exhibition in August: the BSBT 2022 in Schkeuditz.

The hump yard is controlled fully automatically via the Lego PowerUP app, the operator only selects the destination track 1-4 on the switch lever.
The turntable is also controlled by program: the operator only starts the direction and gives the stop command near the destination track. The turntable then stops itself appropriately.

Over 40m of track and switches are installed
18 switches, 3 of them with motor drive
3 Lego PU Technic Hubs
8 Lego PU Motors (3 for the humb yard, 3 for the motorized switches, 1 motor as input for track selector, 1 for the turntable)
1 Lego Color/Destination sensor for the humb yard

Lego parts: approx. 50,000 (I'm still counting...)

All switches and curves are R104 and from BrickTracks or TrixBrix. Also some straight tracks: shorter or longer sections as the standard lego straight track

Length approx. 7.5 - 8m
width ca. 2.5m


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