We’ve answered some common questions about the Brick Train Awards below.

Please read these carefully. Answers to most queries we have about the awards are answered on this page. If you still have queries about the awards, please contact bricktrainawards@gmail.com. Due to timezone differences, it may take several days for us to respond, so please be patient.

Entering the awards

  1. Entries for all categories are open 1st – 28th February 2021. Entering the awards is free of charge. You can enter the Brick Train Awards here.
  2. Models must be built with LEGO® bricks, either physically or in digital format (eg, using LDD, Bricklink’s Studio LDraw, or other software). Customised bricks and third party elements (e.g., custom track, rods, wheels, bearings, power systems) are permitted, but clone bricks are not permitted; please read the FAQs on this page
  3. Models must have been completed in the last 24 months / 2 years (i.e., since February 1st 2019).
  4. You can enter up to three models per category.
  5. You can enter more than one award category so long as you submit a different model for each category you enter.
  6. You cannot enter the same model in more than one category in the awards.
  7. All award categories accept digital renders, except the Group Display and Individual Display categories. We permit the use of colours for elements that are not made in production in digital models.
  8. You cannot enter a model which won any category in a previous Brick Train Awards event.
  9. Each entry must contain a maximum of 6 photographs, renders or images, and a maximum of 1 video (see “how do I submit video” below)
  10. Builders must be aged 18 years or older at the time of entry. Those aged 13 years – 18 years may enter the TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO®) award categories with permission from a parent or guardian. By entering the awards, you agree that you have consent from your parents or guardians.

If builders fail to follow these rules, their entries may be disqualified from the awards.

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Other questions for entrants

Can I enter someone else’s design?

No, only the original builder can enter models in to the awards. Models entered must be designed by you.

Can I enter using an alias or pseudonym?

Yes, for 2021 we accept entries with pseudonyms, so you do not have to use your real name to enter. If you win an award, we will need your real name to ship prizes.

Are modified LEGO® bricks permitted in models?

Models must be built from LEGO® elements, although we permit LEGO® elements which have been cut or modified. We also accept the use of third party and after market systems such as:

  • TrainedBrick and other custom rod systems
  • Big Ben Brick and other custom wheels
  • Sbrick and other alternative power systems
  • Custom lighting systems
  • Third party track such as BrickTracks and TrixBrix
  • Custom printing, decals and lining

Clone brick brands are not permitted in models. Other 3D printed parts are not permitted.

Do locomotive and wagons have to run on standard LEGO® tracks?

Yes, models in most locomotive and all wagon categories must run on standard LEGO® gauge tracks. This does not mean they have to run around a standard 40-stud radius corner or point / switches – we also accept models which will only run on larger radius tracks (e.g., r56, r72, r88, r104, r120, grand curves, etc).

Any locomotive which does not run on standard LEGO® gauge tracks can be entered in the Best Other LEGO® Locomotive category.

How do I submit a video of my LEGO® model?

You can submit up to one video per entry in the awards. Videos must be sent in one of the following ways:

  • A link to a YouTube or Vimeo video (preferred)
  • Attached to the email (if file size allows)
  • Shared via Google Drive

Please do not use other file sharing websites to send videos – these expire, and may mean judges can’t view your video by the time they come to review entries.

Are there terms and conditions to enter the awards?

Yes, there are terms and conditions for entrants. Please read this page.

Do locomotive and wagon models have to be based on real-life prototypes?

Guidance changed 9th June 2020.

No, models do not have to be based on real-life prototypes. You can submit locomotive and wagon models based on fantasy and fiction series, as well as imagination-based models.

Is this a for-profit event?

No, the Brick Train Awards are a non-profit event. Our sponsors cover the cost of the prizes and shipping them to winners, and the winner bricks. Judges may receive a gift from sponsors to thank them for their time and contributions, but are not paid to take part in the event.

I’d like to enter, but my region doesn’t have a judging panel. Can I take part?

If you can’t see your region covered, please email bricktrainawards@gmail.com and we will assign you to a region for judging.

FAQs about the awards

Do you have instructions for…?

No. Sorry, most models entered don’t have instructions created for them. Brick Train Awards will not share builder’s contact details; you may be able to contact them via Instagram or Flickr.

Can you send me contact details for….?

No, sorry – we can’t share entrant’s contact details. See answer above.

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