Guidance for judges

Thanks again for agreeing to judge the entries for the Brick Train Awards this year.

You’re about to see some fantastic LEGO® train models from around the world. This page contains guidance for judges; please don’t share this with anyone other than judges in this year’s competition.

If in doubt, don’t worry: feel free to ask other judges for guidance, or email Richard at and we’ll work it out. Please send me a note of any decisions as this means I can update guidelines for future years if we go ahead, and improve the awards.

General guidance for judging models

  • A model may only be submitted in one category. Judges must disqualify all entries of a model if it appears in more than one category, and notify by email to
  • Builders can submit up to three models per category.
  • Where a model is not based on a real prototypical locomotive or wagon (e.g., fantasy models, or models from fiction, or imagination), judges may award scores towards the imagination and design of the model

Rules and guidance for digital models

  • Digital models should be entered in the Digital Locomotive or Digital Wagon category.
  • Digital models are accepted in the Full Train / Consist category this year
  • When a digital model is submitted, it should look physically possible to build the model from LEGO® elements

Use of non-LEGO® elements

All model categories allow the use of custom and third party elements:

  • Trained Brick and other custom rod systems
  • Big Ben Brick and other custom wheels
  • Sbrick and other alternative power systems
  • Custom lighting systems
  • Third party track such as BrickTracks and TrixBrix

The following guidance applies:

  • Preference should be given to models which make use of LEGO® elements over third party elements wherever possible
  • You may award credit where custom parts drastically improve the look or functionality of the model

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