LEGO® Photography Workshop for Brick Train Awards

You’ve built your LEGO model – now show it in the best light with these free photography tips. Watch the video below and learn how to take better photographs of your models on your camera, or even just on your smartphone!

LEGO photography workshop with Steve Mayes

A recording is available to view on YouTube or watch it below:

About the workshop

Steve walks us through taking better photos of your LEGO® train models for the awards – and for fun, too. From very basic set-ups using your smartphone, to more involved set-ups with lightboxes, other lighting equipment and SLR cameras.

Find out how to take better, more professional photographs and answer common questions including:

  • What’s the best lighting for my model?
  • Which angle should I take photos from?
  • What is the best background for photographing my LEGO® train models?
  • What’s the best way to photograph long models?

About Steve

Steve Mayes in a freelance LEGO® artist who runs Brick This. His bespoke models have included a 4m long Grand Central train, and a 100,000 piece model of Alnwick Garden.

He also currently has a model of Stephenson’s Rocket on LEGO Ideas. Before rediscovering his love of LEGO® in 2012 Steve worked as an architectural photographer for over 10 years and is a Fellow of the British Institution of Professional Photography.

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